Class PeepholeRule


public class PeepholeRule
extends java.lang.Object

Definition of a peephole rule. A match rule is a set of lines that may contain wildcard markers such as %1, %2, %3 etc up to %9. A wildcard will match anything, but a rule will only match if the wildcard maps to the same value in each line. The replacement rules are run if the match rules match, and may also contain wildcards that evaluate to the original matched value.

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Constructor Summary
PeepholeRule(java.lang.String[] match, java.lang.String[] replace)
Method Summary
 java.lang.String[] getMatch()
 java.lang.String[] getReplace()
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Constructor Detail


public PeepholeRule(java.lang.String[] match,
                    java.lang.String[] replace)
Method Detail


public java.lang.String[] getMatch()


public java.lang.String[] getReplace()