Interface Summary
OpCodes Definition for all of the opcodes.

Class Summary
ClassCompiler The ClassCompiler is the main entry point for converting .class files into assembly.
ClassManager The ClassManager takes care of all class load/fetch requests.
CodeInput Provides a simple wrapper around the actual code bytes of a method including access methods for words and dwords, and a way of tracking the value of the program counter.
CodeSection A CodeSection is the smallest emittable block, and can contain such things as all of the code for a method, a class header, a constant string definiton etc.
CompiledClass The output of the ClassCompiler, which is a fully compiled form of the input file.
CompiledMethod Output from the MethodCompiler, consisting of the compiled form of a method including all of the actual assembly, any external references, and any constant data.
Compiler Base services for a compiler including logging.
ConstantString Representation of a constant string for later emitting.
Jaune Main application class that parses the arguments, calls the class compiler, and writes out the results.
Label Representation of temporary and explicit labels.
MethodCompiler Compiles a class method into assembly.
Options Evil global options class.
PeepholeRules Basic set of peephole rules, generated using scripts/ and PeepholeRules.txt.
Support The support class provides static helper methods to the rest of the compiler including mapping methods to labels, locating methods, and finding definitions and implementations of methods.